Improve thinning eyelashes

As you age, you may find that your eyelashes are becoming thinner, shorter and lighter in colour (hypotrichosis). LATISSE® is the first and only prescription eyelash-growth serum that targets this condition, resulting in natural eyelashes that are longer, fuller and darker. This treatment is not suitable for everyone; Dr. Dawes can recommend if this treatment is right for you.

LATISSE® is a once-a-day, at-home treatment, applied topically. Results appear gradually, reaching full results at 16 weeks.


How does LATISSE® work?
Eyelash growth is a cyclical process, where each lash may be in a different phase of growth. In the growth phase, a new lash begins growing and pushes out the older lash in front of it. The length, thickness and darkness of the lash are determined by how long it spends in the growth phase. LATISSE® prolongs this active growth phase, so that your lashes have more time to grow.
What is the difference between LATISSE® and non-prescription, over-the-counter formulas for lengthening eyelashes?
Over-the-counter eyelash products focus on conditioning and moisturizing lashes to increase the health and length of the lash. LATISSE® has been clinically proven to actually grow lashes noticeably longer, fuller and darker.
Can I use LATISSE® if I wear contact lenses?
Yes. However, you must remove your contact lenses prior to application of LATISSE® and reinsert lenses 15 minutes after application. LATISSE® contains benzalkonium chloride, which may be absorbed by soft contact lenses if left in during application.
What side effects are associated with LATISSE®?
Common side effects are itchy eyes, redness of the eyelid and/or skin darkening, which has been observed in approximately four per cent of clinical trial patients (please call our office for more information on LATISSE® clinical trial results). There is a very small potential for increased spots of brown iris-pigmentation in persons with light-coloured eyes, which may be permanent. This increased iris pigmentation is associated at a very low incidence when the active ingredient of LATISSE® (bimatoprost) is instilled directly into the eye.
What happens when I stop using LATISSE®?
Over several weeks to months, eyelashes will return to their previous appearance.

Consultation appointment for LATISSE® in Calgary

Please contact us with any questions, or to make a Lattise consultation appointment with Dr. Dawes at Calgary Plastic Surgeons.