Once you have been referred to our office for Mohs surgery, you will receive a phone call to determine your preferred means of communication. You will then receive a ‘Patient Information Package’ by mail or email that provides you with information regarding:

  • Dr. Dawes and our office
  • The Mohs micrographic surgery procedure
  • What you will need to complete prior to your surgical procedure
  • What you can expect on the day of your Mohs surgery
  • Your reconstruction and post-operative recovery

You will be asked to send important information back to our office, including details regarding your contact information, past medical history, medications and allergies. You may mail, fax or email the information. You will also have the option of filling out the information on our website directly, using a secure link that will be provided.

If possible, we will also ask that you mail or email us a clear photo of the lesion(s) in question to ensure accuracy and eliminate questions as to the exact anatomic location.

In most cases, your consultation will be performed on the day of your procedure. Exceptions may include particularly large, less common or difficult-to-access regions. In some cases, patients are referred to an internal medicine specialist prior to booking their Mohs procedure to facilitate patient safety.


How long will it take to have my procedure from the time of my referral?
Wait times vary—ranging from two weeks to three months, depending on a number of factors. Priority is given to patients whose tumors are considered ‘urgent’ over patients with lesions of a less urgent nature.