Skin Care Products

Promoting skin health, not trends

Our office of Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, Plastic Surgery carries the professional line of take-home SkinCeuticals skincare products. Scientifically-based and proven effective, these products contain pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Their high-concentration formulas are backed by a multidisciplinary approach that continually furthers understanding of the skin-aging process. We integrate these products with our clinical procedures and professional treatments in order to achieve healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

Built around the philosophy of a complete daily ritual, SkinCeuticals’ skincare regimens include three crucial steps:

  • PREVENT signs of premature aging using topical antioxidants
  • PROTECT healthy skin from damaging UV using a broad-spectrum SPF
  • CORRECT existing damage and visible signs of aging with reparative formulas

During your comprehensive skincare consultation, our aesthetically-trained skincare nurses will analyze your skin type and condition (using advanced VISIA technology), and recommend the products and regimen that best fit your skin, for optimal results.

Your skin health is an essential component of well-being and natural beauty. Please call us today at (403) 571-3141 to schedule a skincare consultation.